Moving company breaks out

Release time: 2018-07-06

At the beginning of 1992, the first moving company in Harbin was established. After more than ten years, the moving industry experienced an irregular development process. The number of moving companies has dropped from more than 150 in the mid-1990s to 47 today. Its market scale has increased from more than 2 million yuan per year to more than 20 million yuan in the late 1990s, but in the following years, this figure has been stagnant, and there are even signs of shrinking. Harbin’s moving industry has reached a difficult road

Breakthrough ---

The moving company takes the long-distance "order"

In the early morning of May 8, a fully loaded van-style fully enclosed moving car departed from Harbin, from north to south, through eight provinces and one city in China, and lasted five days to arrive in Shenzhen. A new record for the transportation distance of the city of Harbin.

This record comes from the agreement signed by Mr. Liu and the Harbin Dule Moving Company. Liu hired a moving car to move from Harbin to Shenzhen. The car will carry up high-end furniture, electrical appliances and daily necessities worth 200,000 yuan. . According to the agreement, Mr. Liu paid a moving fee of 16,000 yuan. This business also set a record for the single-service fee for the Harbin moving house.

It is understood that with the acceleration of population movements at present, there are more and more cross-city businesses in various moving companies in Harbin. Long-distance moving business between cities such as Kazakhstan, Qi, Mu and Jia in the province is commonplace, as far as Beijing and Shanghai. Although the ultra-long-distance moving business in cities such as Xi'an is rare, it has also begun to appear. In the past two years, it has been around 20 pieces.

Long-distance moving is not only the extension of the moving distance and the increase of moving expenses. The key is that it guides a new road for moving - logistics. Although moving is also a logistics area, long-distance moving has undoubtedly injected a deeper meaning into the concept of this logistics.

Shuffle ---

Moving industry crossroads

According to industry insiders, the first moving company in Harbin was in May 1992, when Beijing Likang Moving Company entered Harbin to carry out the moving business. Since then, local moving companies have begun to appear. In 1993, a report by the newspaper "Five college students moving to the sea to move the company" was a sensation in the society, and the current chairman of the Dule Logistics Company was Teng Biao. One of the college students.

By the end of 1993, there were 17 moving companies in Harbin, 34 moving vehicles, more than 150 employees, and an annual turnover of about 2 million yuan. Since then, Harbin's moving industry has experienced a golden period. By the end of the 1990s, the number of moving companies in Harbin had grown to more than 150, and the market scale reached more than 20 million yuan.

However, since then, the competition in the Harbin moving market has become fierce, and disorderly and unfair competition has begun to emerge. "Before and after 1995, when the moving company had the most lucrative profits, the profit rate could reach about 30%." Zhang Daqiu, secretary general of the Moving Association and manager of the provincial moving company, said: "After years of competition, the average profit rate of the moving industry is now Only about 7%."

By the year 2000, the total number of moving companies in the city had decreased to 58. In the following years, although there were more and more moving businesses, the overall market profit has been reduced, so the market size has been maintained at more than 20 million yuan, and some years have even declined slightly.

The traditional moving business encountered an unprecedented bottleneck, and the moving company wandered anxiously at the crossroads.

Transformation ---

Targeting the logistics industry

In 2002, Dole Moving Company was renamed Harbin Dule Logistics Co., Ltd. The industry believes that this incident marks the beginning of the overall "breakthrough" of the moving industry.

“Now the moving business is just a sub-project of our company.” Teng Biao said: “In addition to the long-distance moving business, we also do logistics for large supermarkets such as Good and Gome. We also intend to enter more fields such as warehousing and packaging. Wait, carry out a larger logistics business."

According to the reporter, there are several moving companies that are beginning to brew and transform to a specialized or comprehensive logistics industry.